Banner Photo by Sean Cooper

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Moe Makes Invitational Final

From the account of the reporter: Oh, so close. Jeanette Tracy and Grand Heritage Motion, owned by Bruce Cooper, gave a super accounting at the US Shooting Dog Invitational Championship this weekend. Two extraordinary first days running, with limb finds both days, scouted by Bill Kerr, made Jeanette and Moe a possible favorite going in to the finals. If Moe had not gone in to his third and final 1 1/2 day performance with pulled pads on both front feet the final results might have been different. This big front running, bird finding machine of an English setter, combined with the obvious rapport he has with his skilled handler is one exciting sight to behold. What a great performance by handler and dog...and scout. All are winners!!

We are truly proud of Moe and Jeanette. Trend Setters Indeed!

US Shooting Dog Invitational Conway, Arkansas

Moe was invited to this premier event as one of the 12 top shooting dogs in the country. Two consecutive days of one hour braces each day with two finalist to a call back on the third day. The head-to-head final is 1 1/2 hours long. No Setter has ever won this event. Jeanette is the first woman handler ever invited.