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Monday, November 10, 2014

Bird Launchers For Sale

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Two well used but working launchers with remote and two dog bells $125 + Shipping

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Moe Makes Invitational Final

From the account of the reporter: Oh, so close. Jeanette Tracy and Grand Heritage Motion, owned by Bruce Cooper, gave a super accounting at the US Shooting Dog Invitational Championship this weekend. Two extraordinary first days running, with limb finds both days, scouted by Bill Kerr, made Jeanette and Moe a possible favorite going in to the finals. If Moe had not gone in to his third and final 1 1/2 day performance with pulled pads on both front feet the final results might have been different. This big front running, bird finding machine of an English setter, combined with the obvious rapport he has with his skilled handler is one exciting sight to behold. What a great performance by handler and dog...and scout. All are winners!!

We are truly proud of Moe and Jeanette. Trend Setters Indeed!

US Shooting Dog Invitational Conway, Arkansas

Moe was invited to this premier event as one of the 12 top shooting dogs in the country. Two consecutive days of one hour braces each day with two finalist to a call back on the third day. The head-to-head final is 1 1/2 hours long. No Setter has ever won this event. Jeanette is the first woman handler ever invited.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

GHS Wishes U All the Best

Grand Heritage Molly 2014 Fall Derby 

Moe x Awsum Angel

2013 Setter Shooting Dog Award

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moe Wins Middle Atlantic Open Shooting Dog Championship

Out of 32 dogs entered, Grand Heritage Motion was crowned Champion on 3/27/13 at the grounds of the Assunpink Wildlife Management Area, Clarksburg, NJ. As the Champion, Moe received a leg of the bases loaded Shooting Dog Championship Trophy and he maintains front runner status for Elwin G. Smith Setter Shooting Dog Award.

Many many thanks to Jeanette Tracy, Dillion Shaffer and the Ladywood team. Youz guyz truly rock!

Middle Atlantic Open Shooting Dog Championship

Brace Name Breed/Sex Handler Owner
1A Ruffwing Destiny SF J. Tracy D. Ptek
1B Erin's Silver Wings PM G. Tracy Linder, A

2A Richfield Silver Belle PF M. Tracy McNamee, B & C
2B Calico's Dyno Mite PM G. Tracy Linder, A

3A Redgate's Sassy Pants PF J. Tracy O. Adcock/B. Neely
3B Octavio SM M. Tracy McConnell, M.

4A Maple Valley Cowgirl PF J. Tracy M. Eisenhart
4B Great River Ice PM M. Tracy Sanchez, B

5A Richfield Finnegan PM M. Tracy McNamee, B & C
5B Calico's Touch of Class PF G. Tracy DelCollo,P&C,Hernden,D.,Calico

6A Enhancement Trey PM J. Tracy J. Mchugh
6B Heritage PM M. Tracy Hance/Sanchez

7A The Thrill Is Back PF J. Tracy J. Mchugh
7B Erin's War Creek PM G. Tracy Linder, A

8A Jetsettin Jenny PF M. Tracy Lordi, J & J
8B White Spider SF J. Tracy R. B. Powell

9A Serious Investment PM M. Tracy Strausbaugh/Joyal
9B Chiseled In Stone PF J. Tracy J. Mchugh

10A Erin's Box Car Willie PM M. Tracy Strausbaugh/Gatuso
10B The Lobbyist PM J. Tracy B. Reed/H.Blaine

11A Sugarknoll War Paint PM G. Tracy DeCollo P & C
11B Dominator's Legacy PM J. Tracy D.Shaffer/ T. Foust

12A Moonlite Magic PF G. Tracy Primm, M & B
12B Grand Heritage Motion SM J. Tracy B. Cooper

13A Golden Nugget PF G. Tracy Joyal, F.
13B Mt. View Decision Maker PF J. Tracy W. & G. Stover

14A Avalon Creek PF M. Tracy Ruth,J/Saniga,E
14B Sukara's Come Home Jessie SF J. Tracy T. Foust

15A R.J.'s Carbon Copy PM G. Tracy Linder, A
15B Land Cruiser Scout SM J. Tracy M. Cooke

16A Klee's Handsome Hank PM M. Tracy Duerksen, S&R
16B Great River Class PF G. Tracy Sanchez, J.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Moe gets Honorable Mention in Eastern Championship

The judges carried Moe's wide stylish race, 4 finds and a long-distance back until the last brace at the Eastern Open Shooting Dog Championship in the Dick Cross Wildlife Management Area, Boydton, VA concluding on 3/8/13.  Ultimately, it was reported that a minor mark, when a quail flushed over Moe's head, settled the judges decision for R-u Champion.

Many thanks to Jeanette and Dillion. They have Moe poised to bid consideration by the judges whenever he draws a bird holding course.

Revolution in US Quail Shooting Dog Futurity

Grand Heritage Revolution (Trevor), out of Moe and owned by RB Powel, was noted as contesting the top 10 in the initial series of the US Quail Shooting Dog Futurity. Trevor was one of only a handful of setters comprising the field of forty-two of the nations top shooting dog Derbies competing at the Sandhill's Game Management Area, Hoffman, NC January 29-31, 2013.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Statuesque Setters....Indeed!

Deb completed her first winter project. Simply Amazing!

Click each photo to enlarge. To view more of her work go to link under photos.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Moe's New Year Splash

 It's 2013 and Grand Heritage Motion already has a placement for the New Year. Jeanette handled Moe always to the front with 4 stylish finds and plenty in the tank at the end of the hour to take 3rd out of 32 dogs in the Swamp Fox Shooting Dog Classic, Aberdeen, NC.

Congratulations Moe Jeanette and Dillon to a great start on their southern tour.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Revolution under New Ownership

Grand Heritage Revolution during a workout at Ladywood Farm

Trevor is a remarkable young dog that shows the promise of his daddy - Moe. We wish Trevor, R B Powell, his new owner, and Jeanette Tracy all the best.

Moe is Honorable Mention in Keystone Ch.

Grand Heritage Motion is recognized with Honorable Mention behind the named Ch and R/u Ch in the Keystone Championship held by the Indiantown Gap bird Dog Club in Petersburg, PA.

I had an opportunity to ride Moe's brace in this championship - what a thrill it was. He was braced with Calico's Catch & Release, a multiple Ch and retuning event Ch. They had several divided and individual finds, and backs  throughout, only to have Moe finish strong, ahead and have a nail bitting find and relocation at the end the hour. Jeanette Tracy and Dillion Shaffer did a great job throughout the brace to show Moe doin' his thing. After a few hours in the saddle, my admiration & appreciation for the job Jeanette and Dillion do was greatly enhanced.

Moe Takes 3rd in South Carolina Classic

Grand Heritage Motion placed 3rd in the Fort Mill Shooting Dog Classic, Ft. Mill, SC

Friday, October 26, 2012

Grand Awsum Pups are Here 5 F & 1 M


Ch. Grand Heritage Motion   X  Ch Awsum Angel 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ch. Grand Heritage Motion

Deb celebrates Moe's championship with a colored pencil portrait - awesome!


Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Championship winners, front from left, Champion Grand Heritage Motion with scout Dillon Shaffer and handler Jeanette Tracy, and Runnerup Champion Great River Ice with scout Mark McClain and handler Mike Tracy. Rear from left, judges Kevin Stuart, Pat Casey, reporter Stacey Goodie, Bill McNamee, Brian Sanchez (owner of Great River Ice), Mary Tracy, Gene Casale, Tony Forte and George Tracy.                        


EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -- The Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Championship, held Oct.  8-11  at Flaherty Field Trial Area, drew 55 dogs, with one scratch making a total of 54 starters.

Judges were Pat Casey from Virginia, and Kevin Stuart from New York.

Champion was Grand Heritage Motion, a setter male handled by Jeanette Tracy and owned by Bruce Cooper. Motion had five outstanding, beautiful finds and a big forward classy race, always hunting and to the front. Motion also had one heck of a finish with a big forward move down the big edge headed to the top of the hill; he went away fast aand strong. He ran in the 13 brace.

A great combination: Ladywood (Jeanette, Becky and Dillon) and Grand Heritage Kennels.

Special thanks to Jim and Jimmy MacDuff and Fred Bastable



EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -- Fifty-five pointers and setters have been drawn for the annual Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Championship which starts Monday, Oct. 8 at 7 a.m. at Flaherty Field Trial Area. Chairman of the event is Gene Casale Jr.

The Northeastern kicks off New England's GRAND THREE which also includes the 77th New England Shooting Dog Futurity on Oct. 12-13, and the 84th New England Open Championship on Oct. 15. The Region 1 Amateur All-Age Championship will be squeezed in between the Futurity and the Open, but not before Saturday, Oct. 13.

Running order for the Northeastern follows:

1A. Coosawhatchie Chief              PM         Mike Tracy
1B. Chiseled In Stone                    PF         Jeanette Tracy
2A. Calico’s Touch of Class          PF           George Tracy
2B. Fazan’s Stress Free                SM          Matt Basilone

3A. Tall River’s Chico                   PM         Mike Tracy
3B. Megan’s Black Jack                SM        Gary Malzone

4A. The Thrill Is Back                    PF           Jeanette Tracy
4B. Waiting Till Midnight                PF           George Tracy

5A. Merritt’s Zachary                    SM          Gary Malzone
5B. Klee’s Shooting Star               PF           Mike Tracy

6A. Sugarknoll War Paint              PM         George Tracy
6B. The Lobbyist                           PM         Jeanette Tracy

7A. Double Trouble Joe                 PM         Matt Basilone
7B. Klee’s Handsome Hank          PM         Mike Tracy

8A. South Bound Stretch              PM         Gary Malzone
8B. Sugarknoll Snow Warning      PM         George Tracy

9A. Jetsettin Jenny                        PF           Mike Tracy
9B. A Carolina Shadow                PM         Gary Malzone

10A. Big ‘N’ Rich                         PM         George Tracy
10B. Maple Valley Cowgirl           PF           Jeanette Tracy

11A. Merritt’s Pearl                      SF           Gary Malzone
11B. Grousewood’s Skeeter         SM          Matt Basilone

12A. Calico’s Catch ‘N’ Release  PM         George Tracy
12B. Heritage                                PM         Mike Tracy

13A. Octavio                                SM          Mike Tracy
13B. Grand Heritage Motion         SM          Jeanette Tracy

14A. TS Steelforce                        PM         Matt Basilone
14B. Misty Acres Abby                 PF           George Tracy

15A. Avalon Creek                        PF           Mike Tracy
15B. White Spider                         SF           Jeanette Tracy

16A. Richfield Silver Belle              PF           Mike Tracy
16B. Enhancement Alice June         PF           George Tracy

17A. Redgate’s Sassy Pants           PF           Jeanette Tracy
17B. Calico’s Dynomite                  PM         George Tracy

18A. Dimigelio’s Bobbi                  PM         Matt Basilone
18B. Great River Ice                      PM         Mike Tracy

19A. Dominator’s Legacy               PM         Jeanette Tracy
19B. Erin’s War Creek                   PM         George Tracy

20A. Chasehill Little Bud                 PM         John Stolgitis
20B. Our Big Bully                          PM         Mike Tracy

21A. High Drive Rocky                   PM         George Tracy
21B. Buffalo Bill                              PM         Mike Tracy

22A. Triple G Dominator’s Girl        PF           Jeanette Tracy
22B. Steel City Maven                     PF           Matt Basilone

23A. Richfield Silver Lining              PM         John Stolgitis
23B. R.J.’s Carbon Copy                PM         George Tracy

24A. Serious Investment                  PM         Mike Tracy
24B. Fazan’s Dee Lite                     SF           Matt Basilone

25A. Moonlite Magic                      PF           George Tracy
25B. Land Cruiser Scout                 SM          Jeanette Tracy

26A. Erin’s Boxcar Willie                PM         Mike Tracy
26B. I Wanna Be A Cowgirl           PF           Matt Basilone

27A. Covey Up Woodie                 PM         Jeanette Tracy
27B. Great River Class                    PF          George Tracy

28A. High Desert Dream                 PF          George Tracy
28B. Bye

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Puppies 1st Snow on Christmas Day

A trip in the "dog-wagon" to neighboring hill country to enjoy some Christmas snow, run pups and let the boys play with some toys, Pentax (1st Amendment) and Smith & Wesson (2nd Amendment).

All the best for a Happy New Year. 2012 - year of the r3volution!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

English Setter Club, Medford, NJ

Moe w/Jim MacDuff at Sussex Field trial
2nd Amateur All Age & 3rd Amateur Shooting Dog