Banner Photo by Sean Cooper

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Puppies 1st Snow on Christmas Day

A trip in the "dog-wagon" to neighboring hill country to enjoy some Christmas snow, run pups and let the boys play with some toys, Pentax (1st Amendment) and Smith & Wesson (2nd Amendment).

All the best for a Happy New Year. 2012 - year of the r3volution!


  1. Nice film clip. Looks like a perfect spot to have some fun with pups.

  2. Thanks for the note. This is a very nice spot. It is off a seasonal road, winds for the better part of a mile along a hollow and beside a stream.

  3. Hey Coop! Awesome film short... Sean is quite a talented film maker... I saw a short he did on your father that your brother put up on facebook. The pups look like they are having lots of fun... I bet the boys had fun with S&W... kinda like that fall day in 9th grade when we has some fun with our .22 rifles on the hill behind your old house... remember? Anyhow I check this site out every once-in-a-while. My boys have a dog... an American Bulldog... I swear she could be a "sniffer" dog with her keen sense of smell. Hope all is well... give my best to your wife!
    --Bob Weingartner

    1. Hey Bob, thanks for the comment. Yeah, I do recall our outing. I'd have to say that my appreciation of bird dogs and the outdoors germinated on that hillside. We appreciate the annual Christmas photo of the boys and hope you too are all doing well.